About Me

Megan A. O’Rourke. An adventurer who grew up with videogames, cartoons, books, too many toys, musical instruments, and wandering in the creek to catch frogs and lizards~

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been drawing. I never took art classes, but I was always practicing. Monsters, battleships, dinosaurs, gigantic trees, cats with wings and scary sharp teeth…I was always in love with the fantastic, the weird, the other. I still am!

Instead of going to an art school, I went to a public university. Exploring a variety of studies affects how you think and of course, how you draw. From physics and coding to cognitive science and music, it’s an exploration that shapes your perspective. As a Visual Arts major, the concept is emphasized. Go beyond the basic understanding of a particular genre and go in as many directions as you can. In one film class, the professor declares that the role of a great artist is to “frustrate the viewer”. Make them think just a bit more. What becomes really interesting is how a story is told; narrative, characters, music, visuals, details that create nuance.

I’m an artist who continues to wonder where else a simple idea can be taken. Working both in solitude and collaborating with a team, there’s much to create. Art constantly changes, which can be hectic. But because of this, it becomes a worthwhile challenge and endeavor.

Look Ahead!