• University of California, San Diego
  • B.A. in Visual Arts Media, 2012



Contract Work 

  • CaliFoodItalia (2016-Present, Part-Time)
    • Graphic Design: Brochures, flyers, labels, logos, and graphics for food products
    • Website Design: Front-end design, layout, writing, graphics, HTML/CSS
    • Photography: Food product photos and editing
    • Writing/Editing: Business plans, outreach letters, proofing
    • Product fulfillment and submission
    • Assistant: Organizing, packing, shipping

Freelance (2014-Present)

  • Illustration: Portraits, splashes, apparel design
  • Concept art: Character design
  • Streaming: Banners, logos, emotes/icons, overlays
  • Website Design: Layout, graphics, content, writing

Wopidom (2014)

  • Illustrated items for a hidden object game (clothing, food, animals, musical instruments, weapons, toys, and more)
  • Semi-realistic to realistic style

Vinyl Games Studio (2015)

  • Created character illustrations for an indie game (Astro Guardians)
  • Cartoon vector style

Projects (Independent):

League of Fighters (still in development)

  • Fan-made fighting game of League of Legends (Riot Games).
  • Designed backgrounds and layouts.
  • Animated special effects and characters.
  • Designed the character select screen and main menu.

Android Interface and Mockup Design

  • Do It Later (2015)
    • Designed logos, icons, and interface elements.
    • Created mockups including layout design and color swatches.
  • Where’s My Car? (2014)
    • Designed the logo and interface elements.